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Introduction to Neural Networks - Part 1

Defining Neural Networks

Neural networks are the essential building blocks of deep learning. Explore how exactly neural networks are defined in this lesson.

Introduction to Neural Networks - Part 2

Training Neural Networks

Learn how exactly neural networks learn from some given information which we provide to them with the backpropagation algorithm.

Loss Functions Explained

Intuitive explanations of various Loss Functions in Deep Learning.

Loss functions allow neural networks to penalize itself effectively while training on some data. Learn how some of the most popular loss functions work in this article.

Understanding Optimizers

Exploring how the different popular optimizers in Deep Learning work

Optimizers are a set of algorithms which allow the deep learning models to reduce their loss efficiently and effectively. Understand how they work in this article.

Generalization in Neural Networks

How can neural networks learn more effectively from the given data.

Generalization represents the techniques we apply to deep learning models during training to ensure they learn from the data in the most effective way.

Deep NLP: Word Vectors with Word2Vec

How to Preprocess text effectively with Deep Learning.

Word Vectors are the most popular way to represent textual data in numeric format. Understand how we go about this using Google's Word2Vec algorithm.

Deep NLP: Sequential Models with RNNs

Building sequential models for various NLP tasks

RNNs are the entry point to using Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing. Learn exactly how they work as sequential models.

Deep CV: How do CNNs work?

Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) allow us to use Deep Learning to train models which take visual data as input. Learn how they work.

TensorFlow 2: Model Building with tf.keras

Introduction to TensorFlow 2's tf.keras API

Tutorial on how to build deep learning models using TensorFlow 2's tf.keras API.

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